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GFI EventsManager

Event log monitoring, management and archiving made easy

Monitor and manage your event logs automatically and centrally. The enormous volume of system event logs generated daily is of growing importance to organizations that must record information for forensic and compliance purposes. It is essential to perform real-time network-wide event log monitoring, analysis and reporting to address any incidents or security concerns and combat threats to business continuity. GFI EventsManager™ assists with this monumental task by automatically and centrally monitoring and managing event logs - supporting a wide range event types generated both by applications and devices from top vendors as well as for custom ones.

Learn more about how GFI EventsManager can help you with:
Network security   |   Achieving compliance   |   System monitoring   |   Forensic investigations

Network security

Detect intruders and security threats and enhance your information system security by monitoring events in realtime.

Achieve compliance

An invaluable companion in achieving compliance with various regulations and acts including SOX, PCI DSS, Code

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Supports a wide range of event types such as W3C, Windows events, Syslog, SQL Server and Oracle audit logs.

Monitor system health

Proactively helps to detect which events will lead to disaster, such as potential hardware failures, and

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Forensic investigation

When something goes wrong, GFI EventsManager serves as a main reference point.

Centralized log repository

Collects and archives logs generated by most of your network systems, servers and applications.

Makes sense of logs

Automatically processes and archives event logs, collecting and highlighting the information you need

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Easy to install, configure and run, out-of-the-box intelligence for processing logs.

Spotlight on PCI DSS and the Security Curve

Sponsored by GFI, this webcast will walk you through the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and why organizations that hold, process or exchange credit card info need to comply. It will also provide an overview of PCI DSS requirements, and describe how the GFI product line can help you comply.
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More information about GFI EventsManager:

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 GFI EventsManager
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