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Leasing and Financing

Flexi Finance Services


The Flexi Finance Service from Microreksa provides small and medium businesses with IT lifecycle financial support and end-to-end services.  Flexi Finance Service makes technology solutions easy to own and easy on the balance sheet, enabling you to focus your financial and other resources on managing and growing your business. Leasing through Financial Services is the smartest way for your small or medium business to invest in IT.

Customer benefits of Flexi Finance Service from Financial Services include:


Fiscal fitness

  • There is no upfront capital outlay which may preserve your existing lines of credit.
  • Leasing serves as an additional source of credit.
  • Leasing enables you to develop an IT strategy based upon need and cash flow, with predictable, low monthly payments.
  • There are potential accounting and tax benefits - leasing turns your IT equipment cost into an expense item vs. an asset.  

Pay as you go choices give you more budget flexibility

  •  Leasing improves your cash flow
  •  Acquire the latest technology and get more from your IT budget. You can finance the total solution!
  •  Lower your overall cost of computing with more easily maintained solutions and more advanced technology. Your lease can include  equipment, software and soft costs.


Obsolescence protection

  •  Update your technology quickly and easily
  •  Choose a lease term that enables you to have the latest technology working to make your business more competitive
  •  Reduce your risk of technology obsolescence
  •  Single payment - One payment gives you the ability to finance your total technology solution, including hardware, software and services, and equipment from other vendors.


Lease Options

Leasing your IT solution can help you afford the best technology with low monthly payments and cost-effective end of life options:

  1. Operating Lease
  2. Finance Lease 

Operating Lease

Flexi Financial Service offers operating leases that help companies get the IT solutions their business requires, while avoiding the risks of owning those solutions.

With an operating lease, you are truly paying for the use of the equipment, not its ownership. Flexi Financial Service leverages its expertise in remarketing older equipment to set the most competitive residual values, resulting in the optimum upfront lease pricing. With an operating lease, under the accountancy rules applied in many countries, the leased asset generally does not appear on your balance sheet.

Flexi Financial Service offers flexible lease terms so that you may choose the options that work best for you. You may choose to be invoiced monthly or quarterly, in advance or in arrears. Additionally, you can bundle your hardware, software and services into just one monthly payment. It’s easy to forecast and easy to allocate.

At the end of the lease term, you may decide to purchase the equipment, return it to Flexi Financial Service, or extend your lease term.

Key benefits

  • Improves cash flow and liquidity
  • Minimises risk of obsolescence
  • Minimise resources and costs associated with asset disposition
  • Helps achieve desired treatment for finalcial reporting purposes 

Finance Lease

Finance leases are especially advantageous for companies who plan to keep the equipment at the end of the lease term. In a finance lease, the asset generally appears on your balance sheet and is amortized over the life of the lease.

When you choose to finance your equipment rather than buy it, you avoid a large up-front payment. By spreading your payments out over the lifecycle of the asset, you are able to align the equipment cost with the benefit derived from that investment. Additionally, paying fixed monthly payments means predictable expenses month to month - no surprises - facilitating budget reporting and planning. Finally, when you finance your equipment with Flexi Financial Service, your bank lines of credit may remain intact.

Key benefits

  • Improve cash flow and liquidity
  • Align costs of solution with benefits of the solution
  • Enjoy predictability of payment streams - no surprises
  • Facilitate budgeting process with fixed payments


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 Leasing and Financing
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